Essay 1 Draft One

Thank you for your Essay 1 Zero Drafts. I am really impressed by what I have read. Some of you have struggled to write an insightful analyses the text, but in these cases I find that a more careful, attentive reading will yield a stronger draft. One of the central purposes of this assignment is to have you deliver a strong, attentive reading of a source text. This means paying attention to the way the text is written and not merely riffing on the gist of the text. This skill of rhetorical analysis is essential for success in any course in the Humanities and practicing it prepares students for any career that involves reading or writing reports, presentations, communications, or project analysis.

Essay 1 Draft One should be a rewrite of your Zero Draft that includes a strong thesis, strong analysis, and coherent structure in your paragraphs and overall essay organization. Students whose Zero Drafts already had strong analysis will have more time to spend on crafting an essay organization, structure, and clarity. Those who struggled with the analysis will need to spend more time on that and on crafting a strong thesis that guides the reader through the analysis. If we have not already, we will soon discuss ways that you can achieve these goals in our conferences on your Zero Draft.

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