Symbiogenesis in Venom

Margulis and Sagan’s Acquiring Genomes, was able to define symbiogenesis by stating that “The once separate symbiotic components become genetically integrated to make new whole individuals, always in populations.”(6) 


In the movie Venom directed by Ruben Fleischer, we are able to see how the movie interprets the term symbiogenesis. Throughout the movie, there were various examples of symbiogenesis that took place. One example can be found when the scientists from the Work Life Foundation labs were testing the symbiotes on live animals and human beings. Through these experiments, the scientists were able to figure out that the symbiotes needed a host to survive and in some cases, bond with one another. In the movie, there were only two separate examples of a symbiote being able to be one with its host. The first example was when the protagonist Eddie Brock first came in contact with Venom. Eddie received the symbiote by trying to free his homeless friend Maria after breaking into the Work life Foundation lab. Venom wasn’t able to properly bond with Maria, thus killing her but Eddie was a perfect match for him. Throughout the movie, both Eddie and Venom were able to bond and become one with each other. Another example of this can be found when the antagonist Drake was able to bond with his symbiote Riot. 

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