Exercise 3.2: Research Topic Proposal

Research Topic Proposal posted as Exercise 3.2 

Propose a research topic that is relevant to the course theme. Include an observation or initial assumption to provide context for a central question.Your question should identify a gap in knowledge (at least to your own knowledge if not the greater academic community) and it should be resolvable/answerable via analysis. That is, it should identify something that your research and analysis will help us understand better. Include, also, a list of proposed sources. You do not need to commit to these sources. Your list will help us talk about evaluating sources. Give your proposal a tentative working title and give it the category Exercise 3.2. 


Give context about what motivates you to pursue this topic,

Connect your topic to the course conversation in some way and make the connection apparent in your proposal, 

A strong research question 

  • Addresses a specific observation
  • Connects to a specific conversation
  • Uses specific key terms
  • Requires analysis of the exhibit
  • Is open-ended i.e. there is a range of possible answers.
  • Is answerable

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